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The National Park of the Casentino forests

The National Park of the Casentino, which is the second largest forest in Europe, is easily accessible from our farm. 

From here you can reach places of rare beauty and landscapes where nature maintains its own rules.
 The Flora of the Park

The Park is home to a wide variety of tree species, including the secular spruces,

forests of beech and sycamore, mixed forests with lots of different species such as beech, maple, ash, elm,

linden and many more. Beyond the vegetation of the mountain range, in the underlying 

sub mountain zone you can find oak woods with the rare turkey cork oaks and downy oaks, chestnut trees (especially in the area of

Camaldoli and Castagno d’Andrea in the Florentine side), as well as the reforestation of black pines and in hot and rocky places, even some old remains of holm.

Furthermore many herbaceous species grow in the Park with more than 1000 types so far counted.


The Fauna of the Park

A variety of wild animals live in the forests among which we can mention rare species like

the wolf, that had risked extinction in the past. The most common species are badgers, porcupines, weasels, foxes and martens.

Moreover numerous examples of roe deers, deers, wild boars, mouflons and fallow deers inhabit the woods.

Among the birds we count more than 80 species including the sparrow hawks, goshawks, honey buzzards and golden eagles, woodpeckers

and the uncommon treecreeper which mainly populates the older forests.



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