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Casentino Forests

If you love nature and greenery, our structure is certainly a good starting point for excursions within the Casentino forests. The village is located in the heart of the Casentino Valley that is dominated by the mountain range of Pratomagno,which separates it from the Florentine Valley and by the Tosco-Romagnolo Apennines that divide it from the Tiberina Valley.






Chestnut picking 



The month of October is the ideal period for the collection of different species of sweet chestnuts,

among which we can mention the fine "Brown chestnut", the smaller "Pistolese" and the local" Raggiolana".

Both types of chestnuts are abundant in the chestnut woods that surround the Teggina Valley. In October it is

possible to participate in many events, where you can find fresh chestnuts and products obtained therefrom, such as the renowned

"chestnut flour" which is used in many recipes of the Casentino.

The traditional feast of "Castagnatura" takes place in Raggiolo in the last week of October. You can taste typical products

made from chestnuts and witness historical reenactments of chestnut processing like a demonstration of chestnut grinding with stone

 in a newly renovated water mill. Raggiolo also houses the Chestnut Eco Museum where you

can admire antique tools and read interesting stories about the fruit of the forest that nourished ancient generations.


The Casentino National Park

The National Park of the Casentino consists mostly of forest which is the second largest in Europe and is easily accessible from our farm. 

You can discover places of rare beauty and landscapes where nature creates its own rules.
 The Flora of the Park
The Park is home to a large variety of tree species, including the secular spruces

and sycamore as well as beech, maple, ash, elm and linden. Among the vegetation of the mountain range, we also find different types of underlying 

sub mountain zone varieties such as oak woods with rare turkey cork oaks and downy oaks, the chestnut trees (especially in the area of

Camaldoli and Castagno d’Andrea in the Florentine side), as well as the reforestation of black pines.


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